Youth Weaving

Did you know that Sakichi Toyoda, founder of Toyota Motor Corp. started out as a weaver. He utilized his talents in engineering to help create a mechanical loom that would improve the lives of the people around him. Mr. Toyoda had to learn the inner workings of the loom and the process of creating in order to accomplish this masterpiece.

Resource for Image: Toyoda Loom Company

BEGINNER WEAVING is a multi-faceted learning experience for our youth. The curriculum is as follows: hand dye yarn, learn the mechanisms of the loom, warp and weft, natural dying, color play on the loom, color as texture, math for weaving, and then some. Students are exposed to biology, chemistry, history, art history, environmental science, social studies, art and philosophy.

Weaving is an ancient art that goes beyond the times of Egypt. Recent findings show that ancient humans practiced as far north as the Arctic. We were not limited to spun yarns. We experimented with fibers, not spun or hand twisted.

There’s a misunderstanding among the masses that weaving is an arts and crafts hobby. Without weaving or the awesome technology, there wouldn’t be a fashion week, stable fabrics for sewing, or other common needs. Look at a piece of gauze, one of the most highly used fabrics in the medical field. Imagine your son or daughter not only synthesizing a more efficient fabric but having the ability to build the machines that can create this fabric. It all starts with one class…Introduction to Weaving.

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