Jen’s Beaded Bind-Off

Beaded Bind Off for Shawls

This bind off is a spectacular finish to any shawl. My first attempt was on Boo Knits “Sweet Dreams” shawl. I had somehow manage to get off count and stay off count several times. After knitting, tinking, knitting, tinking and then ripping back to the end of the first lace pattern, I decided to improvise. This meant laying out the shawl, calculating where I could fit yarn overs, ssk’s and k2tog’s in on her existing layout. I went completely off the charts!

Crazy as this sounds, my journey led to the ultimate decision in binding off with beads. I love it when my knitter’s say “I can’t do that.” It means that I get to be sassy and lecture them on how they can do anything they want. Below is one method I used to bind off with beads.


Knit 2 stitches off left needle. Then slip those stitches back on to your left needle. Slip, Slip, Knit is also known as knitting in to the back of the stitches or loops.


The next step is to create a yarn over. I knit Continental, holding my yarn with my left hand. A yarn over is a yarn over. This creates a “chain” loop similar to a crochet chain loop. You will drop your bead on this loop. You can then finagle the bead so that it sits on the bottom of the shawl. If you want the bead to sit in between the last row and the bind off row, then place it in on the SSK’d stitch.


Placing the bead is easy. I use a 12/1.00MM crochet hook. The beads are from Swallow Hill (which we sell) and 100% Czech beads. Slip your bead on to your hook first. Make sure you have completed the yarn over/knit stitch above to create that extra stitch. Grab the loop and pull it through your bead. Before you snug it up, make sure the stitch is back on your right needle. Then snug up a little but remember you have to purl the stitch coming back.



Next, comes the edge work. The beads can get tucked away. Don’t panic! You can use your lovely fingertips to push the bead up and over so that it is on the outside in all of its sparkling glory!!!!


Hidden bead is third in from left…


Clean bead line…

Stay tuned for a finished shawl…

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