Kid ‘n’ Ewe and Fun Too!


It feels like yesterday when I set this booth up. This year will have a new look and feel because half the fun is planning on the display. NO GRIDS, but plenty of yarn, fiber and fabric PLUS a bonus of our knit meet up for Friday, master weaver Cindy there to demonstrate weaving on the multi-harnass loom. Phew! And, I haven’t even packed the truck yet.


The SHOP IN BANDERA will be closed November 10-12 for the Kid ‘n’ Ewe fiber festival! Suzoo’s Wool Works will be there with special guest, Cindy of Guadalupe River Spinner’s and Weavers Guild. Cindy will be demonstrating on her Dad’s custom made loom (and, we are excited to see his handy work!). What else to look for?

Yarn by the Ounce • New yarns and fiber from Manos
Wild Card Yarns from The Sheepwalk •  Sale yarns


THE KIDS ARE AWESOME at Suzoo’s Kids Fiber Arts Camp! This week was loads of fun with spindles and painting with wool! Stay connected with Vicky’s upcoming weekly classes!



See you soon!