Celebrate Bandera!

What a transformative weekend. Lesley has been kind enough to let me step in and be a kind of PR girl for the Olde Forge. I have one more FB and Twitter account to update!!!! Woohoooo! Amazing things happen when stand still long enough. Friday night we were blessed with the Scott Vance/Kothmann cousin band. Um, swooned, weak-kneed? Yes. Can you imagine a prettier setting than a big front porch, candle light mixed with mason jar fairy lights and three amazing men singing to you?

Next night was the Kathy Bauer Band featuring Mike and Lee. Kathy is a different kind of country and Mike has some serious talent. He plays the beat on a beat box??? I would have been dead after the first song. This is man who understands rhythm. Kathy understands how  a song wants to be sung. Add in Lee on the guitar and you get a mix of eclectic and modern rock.

Before the live music last night a man named Mark Randall showed up wanting to entertain for free. He showed up today, Sunday and I can’t begin to describe just how lively this place feels. He is a tribute singer focusing on classic country songs. Right rhythm and right time for his kind of songs!