Long and Short

IMG_9644ppp_medium2The Long and Short of It!
It’s not a mystery that hand dyed yarn is infiltrating the weaving world with bold colors, built-in texture and color-play. This project was warped with hand dyed sock yarn and the weft is an 8/2 tencel. The trick is in the warping of the loom and lining up your colors.

The artist I am featuring here is named kasyafka on Ravelry. Ravelry has always been about knitting and crochet. The modern Crafter seems to overlap in to other hobbies with one quest in mind: HOW TO USE UP STASH YARN. These gorgeous demonstrations of hand paint yarn can easily be done on a rigid heddle loom, also fondly thought of as a knitters loom.

The key is to know how long you want to make your scarf then compare that to the length of the color change in your yarn. On average, the 72″ scarf gives you a nice double wrap thus avoiding the constant flopping around. However, with such intense colors of this scarf you may want to keep it simple and just let it hang. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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Jenn Kulick
Suzoo’s Wool Works and Fiber Arts Studio