Getting Back on Track

Today Jill and I took the boys out for a great big adventure in the Laguna Woods. We saw two white tail deer, several hawks, blue jays and one hummingbird. The weather was amazing. The walk was long but the road was similar to a back road of any country town. The only memory of the city life was the sound of an occasional plane passing by. Otherwise the only whirring and whooshing we heard came from the wildlife and the mountain bikers. Most exciting is that everyone had a smile on their face. Yes, what a day!

The biggest job is getting The Sheepwalk Fiber Art Studio going stronger than before. We have been working hard to get you the approved colors for 2014 as well as our own approved color ways! Gotta love Pantone. You can read more at The Sheepwalk Site.


This is a compilation of the last two weeks.


The end.