Pink is my …. friend?

Well, Ladies & Gentleman, I was just complaining to my partner in dye, Jill, that I made the mistake of crossing paths with an old flame. That same afternoon I headed out back to the dye kitchen and, literally, everything was pink. I tried for red. I tried for purple. Thursday morning I revisited my finished work and it felt like I had walked in a to lovey-dovey garden. Cupid hit me hard.

Jill was ready to dye browns, emeralds and blues. The world was set right this morning. She then took red by the horns and mastered the art of making ALL of the dye to dilute in the boiling hot water. She giggled like a squeaky girl when the dye began to pop and crackle.

We also discovered that your personality can affect the outcome. Jill had her mind set on nicely blended colors and every skein I touched looks hand painted! The hilarity is killing me.

We are now on a dye hiatus!