Kayak Adventures

Sometimes it’s not about knitting. Sometimes it’s simply about the journey. Yesterday I had a rough start with a soccer match from hell. The referee was clearly biased. He warned us this was going to be a physical game. So instead of stopping the other team from consistently hurting my players, he just let it slide. Then he would blow the whistle on my boys. Right. I don’t mind the sexist stuff because these men are inherently good and I chose to throw myself in to a boys club. I should be clear that I am co-coaching a boys U12 soccer team. There is something so wonderful about watching these little warriors work their way to Kingly status. Just a little bit of empowerment means such a great deal to every one of them. So I gave Brendan a riddle….you don’t learn anything from winning. He looked confused so I pointed out that you learn a great deal from losing. The other team won the game out of sheer luck. However, my boys will walk away from this season with a better understanding of the game and, hopefully, with a strong sense of self too. It isn’t just about the game, but about what they get from the experience.

With that said, I was not in a great mood. About the only thing that can keep me from falling totally off balance is kayaking. However, yesterday I rented an outrigger and today I kayaked. Today I just wanted to float. My photos are not the best. The lighting today was awful. It was overcast but not in a pretty way. Colors were vibrant to me but not translating. However, I draw a lot of my inspiration for dying yarn from nature. Okay….there’s the yarn shop bit. Yesterday, at the end of a rough outrigger ride, a guy showed up with five… 5… chihuahuas. It was hilarious. Pam had to run to get her camera. I whipped my phone out. HILARIOIUS!!!!!

The other note on this is that I just want to document my landscape. Weather, time and contamination have had a huge impact on the back bay estuary.