Loves Labour…

Loves labour means more hours of sweating over new shelf systems. This means transformation. The yarn has a new perspective and we have a new appreciation for the yarn. In all fairness, if a strong and witty cowboy showed up with a drill and leveler, I would easily stand aside and be his go to girl. But my Dad raised me to be a smart and confident, and an unashamedly independent. So Jill and I broke a sweat and managed to get most the shelving level. ( kayaking = strong upper arms for troublesome wood screws! )

I love the smell of wood. I think the natural colors of wood create a more rustic ambience. As much as I would love to leave the shavings on the floor, we thought it might be better to let the yarn be the stand out!

Now be prepared for a Hyacinth Bucket [ that’s B-U-C-K-E-T ] greeting for those of you who watch classic BBC. You might ask…”what am I looking at?” Well, if you were Elizabeth, then you would just say “Oh! Jennifer!” and I will assume you saw what I wanted you to see….new yarn, new layout, the microwave is in a new location, new mirror…

Again, all of this is in honor of our 10 years in business. Nothing happens overnight. Building a business takes time. Inventing the wheel over again too. As tastes change, we intend to set some trends of our own as well as go with the flow. Sometimes a blanket is a helluva lot more fun than some new fancy bind off technique.

The end goal is to create a more modern space to showcase the amazing textures. New yarn in…. Brown Sheep’s Lana Boucle .They out did themselves and crossed over to “boutique” status. I love that this is all home grown! We have our sample on the needles now at the shop.

Back to my picot bind off! 200 stitches to go….yeehaw!