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Stella The Sheep

This is a fun and simple project in which embroidery is used to embellish wool appliqué with a cute sheep to guard your needles or brighten your day. Needle books are an easy way to transport needles and pins while traveling.  They are great for keeping specific types of needles together; either by type or project. $15.00



Join us as we create our own 8×8 Wool Appliqué Block of the Month at Suzoo’s! Next month to be featured will be February 2018 ❤️

December Block of the Month

Originally a plan for the Wooly Block of the Month, we have created this cute block for December at Suzoo's. We love wool here and all the fabric is 100% American!!! 80% hand dyed, 100% hand made and a fav at Suzoo's. Price includes shipping.


Wooly Block for Suzoo’s!

We missed the deadline due to our opening of the shop but we are selling kits for November and December! Kits included the wool fabric, pattern in regular and reverse instruction as well as some quick tips on appliqué. Includes shipping in fee.


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