Recipe for a Felted Pumpkin

What you need….

1 ounce of Mauch Chunky “Pumpkin”
.2 ounces of Mauch Chunky “Vibrant Greent”
.2 ounces of core wool
1 – 36 gauge needle for felting
1 – thick sponge or felting foam
2 yards of Lanaloft or Lamb’s Pride in orange color way

I can’t explain to you what I do as easily as I can show you. I start with 1/3 of my 1 ounce batt of “pumpkin” wool. I place about .2 ounces of core wool in the center then wrap the the wool up. With my needle, I will make about 8 deliberate strokes in the center of the blob to keep the wool in place.
Next you will want to grab your orange yarn. Find the center then place it over your little pumpkin blob. I wrap it as if this was a gift. I wrap around the bottom, turn back up to the top, turn the yarn so that I a create four quarters. Then I turn the yarn and create six quarters. My final turn brings the yarn back up to the top and I have 8 quarters. It will look ugly. Stop worrying about this. If you are a perfectionist then just wait. There’s more to come.
Step three is to take your needle and begin to work the lines. YOU ARE SCULPTING the wool. If you stay in one spot, you will have a flat spot. If you rotate your work as you move the needle, then you will keep a round shape. In fact, think of it this way…If you want it round, then think “round.” If you find your piece is a little flat then you use your needle alone the sides and push the wool in. This raises the wool up so that you have a round shape again.
This is my favorite part of the project. We turn our plain ol’ pumpkin in to a Real Pumpkin of Orange County! I use bits of the rest of my batt to start patching and repaired. You start by pinning one end of the piece to the top then wrapping the fiber over the pie slice. You tack down the piece to the center of the bottom. Then and only then do you tack down along the yarn lines. This will hide your yarn line but also give you a smooth finish to the pumpkin. Repeat this process all the way around to cover up the open spots, the funny bumps, the booboos and the over felted spots (generally looks like you were talking too much about your favorite tv show and forgot to look at your pumpkin!)

The finale is the stem. I do a basic stem but you can get really elaborate. Try wetting some wool yarn and placing around a wooden dowel. Wrap it well, then put in a tumble dry for a few minutes. This will give you some funny curly cues. Just have fun!

Classes are $5 with purchase of $10 kit. I teach whenever I am at the shop. One kit should make three pumpkins!

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