Game Day Scarf



This scarf was inspired by Newport Harbor High School’s Football team.

Recommended Yarn: This is for a man. Use a washable yarn if giving to someone outside the family circle! I recommend blending Aslan Trends Invernal (Merino/Angora) with a Kraemer Perfection DK or Cascade 220 superwash if giving to someone who will listen to your care instructions.

Needle: US 9. Gauge is up to you. My material is more dense to make the pattern pop.

Cast On 29 Stitches.

You will knit the first and last stitch on ALL rows.

Row 1:  k1, (k8, p1) x 3, k1

Row 2:  k1, (k2, p7) x 3, k1

Row 3:  k1, (k6, p3) x 3, k1

Row 4:  k1, (k4, p5) x 3, k1

Row 5:  k1, (k4, p5) x 3, k1

Row 6:  k1, (k6, p3) x 3, k1

Row 7:  k1, (k2, p7) x 3, k1

Row 8:  k1, (k8, p1) x 3, k1

© Written for Suzoo’s Wool Works and The Sheepwalk Fiber Arts Studio.


2 thoughts on “Game Day Scarf

  1. Will the repeat rows work out of the width is increase to 28 stitches (be x4 instead of x4)?

  2. If you repeated the pattern 4 times you will have an increased width unless if you use a smaller gauge yarn, such as sport. In this case you will want to swatch it out and see what your sport or fingering yarn will average out. So yes, you can make this scarf wider. I used Raggi yarn which is a medium ply, worsted weight sock yarn from Sweden. If you use Brown Sheep or Cascade you will have a slightly different gauge because they are a light worsted. It’s all worth experimenting!

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