Mommy & Me

We know that your time is valuable whether you are homeschooling or looking for unique adventures to share with your kids. Some of the classes we offer at Suzoo’s are really big kid friendly but can be loads of fun with a Mom or Dad there to participate. 

BEGINNER WEAVING … Learn the basics of weaving on a rigid heddle loom. Share in the duties of warping the loom, setting the warp and, finally, weaving (the weft). Class includes yarn. Kids must be 10 and under. $50.00 includes the yarn. The project will be wash clothes. 

Learn to Knit or Crochet

Knitting and Crochet are two fundamental skills that can be useful over time. There’s a great sense of pride in making your own hats, socks and sweaters. Sometimes it takes a team to get kick started on this practical hobby. 

Our classes are by the hour and by appointment.

Adults (17 and over) –  $15 per hour – REGISTER
Kids (16 and under) – $10 per hour – REGISTER
Mommy and Me – $20 per hour – REGISTER

Mom ‘n’ Me $20.00

Spinning yarn was not just for the Vikings. Remnants of spindles and spun fibers have shown historians that spinning goes beyond recorded history and humans then still made the most of their environment. Our class is set up to get Mom and Child (10 and under) working together. Take the spindle in hand and learn how to make yarn as our ancestors did. This is a great beginner class and will give you the foundations of creating fabric!

$20 Mom and Me (10 and under)

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