Suzoo’s Wool Works is over 20 years old and was first  a Rug Hooking
Studio then grew up in to a yarn shop. From there Suzoo’s has grown in to a purveyor of yarn, fiber, wool fabric, wool . The shop was founded in Costa Mesa, CA then moved to Bandera, TX in 2014.

IMG_5434Suzoo’s Wool Works has been through many transformations over the years to meet the needs of the fiber arts community. I focus in on yarns and fibers that are 100% Made in the U.S.A. We have been proudly selling Brown Sheep and Kraemer yarns for nearly 12 years now. Both companies are U.S. born and raised. Brown Sheep has been a fav in the knit, spin and felt communities. Kraemer produces some of our favorite washable yarns and you will see Perffection DK on the shelves for any use from baby to adult knit projects.

In 2007 The Sheepwalk Fiber Arts Studio™ was born and meant to be a product of Suzoo’s. You see, Suzoo’s isn’t just about selling yarn.  We also bring hand crafted finished goods to the local market.

I use both local wool and angora from Bandera as much as possible. Our local wool is from the Lindig and Mizurek family and my locks come from the Naumann Farms. You may not have known this but Texas is the largest producer of fine wool in America. There has been a resurgence in cotton production in recent years as well.

So, yes, Suzoo’s is a yarn shop. I will always keep Suzoo’s alive for my Mother and all the artists who have brought their talents to us over the years. And yes, I will continue forward with The Sheepwalk FAS™ because it’s a part of the Suzoo’s family now.

All the best, Jennifer



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