Farm to Art

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Farm to Art is a progressive program that allows us to offer kids unique class or field trip experiences.

Classes will focus in on math, science, English, history, geography in association with the art we are teaching.

*Groups must be registered a month in advance so that we can coordinate our curriculum with the number of students attending. Please contact us for a group rate.

You can see our classes under the Farm to Art Link.

Regular Class Cost: Price varies.
Time: Times vary with classes.
Supplies Required: We will provide this information with each class.

We will provide: water color, paint brushers, wool, wool fabric, bookmaking materials, yarn, mason jars, nylons plus instruction, plants for dye and any dye class needs.

For class concept questions, please contact Vicky or Blythe regarding classes and scheduling!

Still looking for Farm to Art?register_here_button_green_cop_0_1451915904

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