Mini Mill

Be Your Own Mini Mill

Price per class is $25 or $125 for all of Session 1 of our Mini Mill Series.
Classes run from 10-12. Plan to arrive a little early to get settle in. On some classes we may break for lunch and finish up after.

Reading a Fleece (June 16) What do I have?   How do I skirt the fleece? … REGISTER 

Washing a Fleece (July 21) Differences in methods and breeds.  …  REGISTER

Carding (August 18) Introduction on how to use hand cards and a drum carder.… REGISTER

Combing (September 22) Introduction on how to use combs and hackles.  …  REGISTER

Color Play with Sarah Monger (Special Guest) (October 27) Using a blending board and hackles to produce color. … REGISTER

Spinning  (November 17) Introduction to spinning on a wheel … REGISTER

Plying (January 26, 2019) Why should I ply?  Different types of plying. … REGISTER

Yarnacation (February 16, 2019) Finishing your yarn.  What are the weights of yarn and WPI? … REGISTER

Knitting with your Handspun (March 16, 2019) … REGISTER

Weaving with your Handspun (April 20, 2019)… REGISTER

The Whole Enchilada! Read, wash, card, comb, and play with color! … REGISTER



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