The Kilted Weaver

Christopher McKelvy, the Kilted Weaver, is a Texas fiber artist specializing in hand weaving. He weaves in his home studio near San Antonio. He primarily weaves on a large 8-shaft floor loom, but also weaves on an antique two-shaft table loom and a large rigid heddle loom. Each piece is made with high quality materials and is 100% hand made. Weaving is a laborious process, but the results are unmistakable. Christopher weaves a variety of fashion accessories as well as towels and table linens.

Handweaving is a centuries old practice of making fabric that fell out of favor after the industrial revolution. Fortunately, it found a resurgence as a cottage industry with the arts and crafts movement. Handweaving takes individual vertical threads called warp threads and interlaces them with horizontal weft threads into a finished fabric. This process is completed on a loom. The newly woven fabric then undergoes an extensive finishing process to turn it from a series of interlacing threads to a cohesive fabric.

Christopher also knits, crochets and spins. 

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