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Light blue loop to the right of needles is the yarn I kept out to get my blues to line up more.

The Facts: So here’s the 101 on what I am showing you. One thing I suggest if you don’t want a blunt color change is to blend your yarns before we start the lace section. If you don’t care then this post is not helpful.

I carried Color A and Color B up for about 8 rows so that I could see what’s possible. On Row 7, I intentionally pulled on Color B until I lined up the light with the light to see what happens. The end result was a subtle pooling of colors in the lighter sections and then a rock and roll burst of deep teal in the cooler blues.

NOTE: I straight knit. Once we start our pattern the rules change because we will have unexpected transitions. The goal is to have a playful, yet edgy and timeless piece. Oh, and to have fun! Fun is definitely a must. Lace will eat up more yarn and shorten the distances between the light, middle and dark tones.

Peace out!


Week 1: Download the KAL Pattern
New pages will be sent to you via Project Peace ravelry. It’s really important that you get your pattern directly through your account! If you don’t have this option, we will help you.

Project Peace Update: Two skeins, Color A and B, and they are shown here together so you can see the ebb and flow of the colors. My mind was set on clear waters where you can see the vivid greens of the sea grasses. Look ahead and the colors change to darker hues as the waters run deeper. I have named this “Clarity” because for there to be Peace we must have clarity.

Details on Yarn: Two skeins: Color A is 450 yards and Color B is 200 yards. Total 650 yards to complete larger size of the Project Peace knit-along. Merino 6/3, Sport weight, US 4-9 needle, 6/3, high twist. Custom dyed.


Project Peace 2017 details…

Key dates for Project Peace 2017…

  • Pattern pre-orders on Ravelry will begin on November 15 (Ravelry pattern page is forthcoming)
  • The pattern pre-order will contain the cover page and yarn requirements so you’ll be able to get ready
  • Pattern releases and KAL begins on December 1
  • Daily blogging begins on December 1 through the 21st
  • World-wide knit-in for peace day (WWKFP) is on December 21
  • Threads on the Healthy Knitter Ravelry group will be available on November 15 so you can begin interacting and pin your location for WWKFP

Key dates at Suzoo’s!

Starting NOW! We will help you get your pattern download as required.
Custom Dyed Yarn will be available December 1 (just in time for Shopper’s Jubilee!)
• We will have regular weekly meet-ups on: December 1, 8, 15 (Friday’s) & our Knit In will be Thursday, December 21st. We are putting on a Pot Luck holiday party!!!

If you wish to download the pattern now, FOLLOW THE LINK!

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