Knit & Crochet Classes

These are for Adult continuing education in the areas of knitting and crochet. The prices below are subject to change depending on the project’s needs. We will be thorough in asking you what you need to make sure that your needs are met!

Basic Knit or Crochet Classes (Individual or Workshop) – $15 per hour*
Scheduled Knit Classes – Prices Vary (Starting average is $25)**&*
Drop-in Help – Free

Vicki Boehmer – By Appointment, Weekdays only!
Jenn Kulick – Knit only!
Sandy Peterson – Evenings by Appointment OR Saturdaty 10-2.

In most cases, we’d love it if you called ahead so we can plan for your success!

*Group rates can be arranged for some classes.
**Supplies not included


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