Bandera Fiber & Arts Retreat

The Bandera Fiber & Arts Retreat is a seed that was planted Fall 2014. The retreat not only invites in all ages to learn but we want to share the Hill Country gold with you!

THEME 2017: Twisted Up! Our 2017 theme is inspired by the cabled knits of the Viking and Celtic worlds. Every twist tells a story. Yarn will be provided by The Sheepwalk Fiber Arts Studio™.

Our Retreat is meant to be small to make sure our students have a quality experience. Just as in the olden days, we work together to create and learn.

                                         All the best,

                                       Jennifer, Founder of the BFA Retreat


Reserve your space now at The White House for 
the Retreat, March 14-19, 2016 

Cost for Lodging is $280.00 per person.

*Please note that you are sharing a house! House includes linens, towels, and basic household items.


Tuesday: Arrive

Wednesday: Dye all Day

Thursday: Tapestry at Yarnivore & Felting at Loom Room

Friday: Cables Untangled & Hand Pieced (Quilting)

Saturday: Part 2 Cables Untangled & Quilters Blocks w/Fiber Dreams

Sunday: End

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