Relevance of Wool

I haven’t posted in a while, mainly because this shop never sleeps, but mostly because I like to post relevant tidbits. Suzoo’s is always pushing outside of the boundaries. More important, The Sheepwalk Farm and hand dye business have shape shifted again. I was at a loss this Spring with the loss of my favorite yarn base. This forced me to take another look at the relevance of a fiber arts studio in Bandera, Texas.

It’s coming, they keep telling me.

The parkways, the city folk and their fancy notions…Walmart. Not. What makes Bandera such an interesting place to set up shop is that it was and still is a vital wool and mohair community. As markets close and fiber producers scramble to find solutions, it has become apparent to me that this little town needs a big boom.

The boom is in the the wool and mohair industry and how we all interact with one another. The speaker today, Donald Brown touched upon the Ranch in the Family vs the Family in the Ranch. It’s important that we all work as units and innovators in the “family”. Anyone who decides to come back to the farm has two choices: be an employee or a business owner. I have surrounded myself with business owners, innovators looking to push the industry forward and outward which will be for the betterment of all.

This had me drawing up a pie chart that I will present to my husband and boys. I began to write emails and letters in my head to all the people who were on the same wavelength as me. Co-Op….Mill….More Fiber Arts…Texas Events….and not a single pen and paper in my purse. So I doodle on my phone. To sum it all up, everything we are doing adds to the relevance of wool (and mohair!). Wool is being recognized as better than synthetics. Are you shocked? Wool is healthier to sleep on. Wool keeps you cooler and dryer. Wool is sustainable and earth friendly. Most important the wool producers, those cutie pies carrying that gorgeous wool around put back in to the earth. To be polite, sheep beans may be hot, but as they biodegrade they cool down and put nitrogen and other nutrients back in the earth.

That’s it! Sheep are awesome. The end.