New Classes!

Intro to Basket Weaving

Mary Miller is a veteran of basket weaving and used to own a studio in San Antonio. She has taught as well as sold finished goods. She is bringing her talents to Suzoo’s January 26, 2019!


We know that your time is valuable whether you are homeschooling or looking for unique adventures to share with your kids. Some of the classes we offer at Suzoo’s are really big kid friendly but can be loads of fun with a Mom or Dad there to participate. 

BEGINNER WEAVING … Learn the basics of weaving on a rigid heddle loom. Share in the duties of warping the loom, setting the warp and, finally, weaving (the weft). Class includes yarn. Kids must be 10 and under. $50.00 includes the yarn. The project will be wash clothes. 


Learn to Braid Rugs

Karen Walker is a seasoned fiber artist and will be offering up rug braiding for beginners (small scale rug) in February 2019. 

Class dates to be announced soon.

Kits for class are $25.00
Class fee is $60.00

Painting with Wool

So this class is by far my favorite because it really stretches the mind when you have to mimic color and light through fiber blending. What seems hard will become simply a favorite part of your art adventure. 

Bring in a picture or look through books.