Project Peace 2018


Project Peace_2018_imageThe Project Peace 2018 global knitalong launches December 1, a 21-day event created to spread peace to knitters around the world. Now in its third year, Project Peace will feature a pattern especially created for the KAL and 21 days of complementary blog posts on The Healthy Knitterfocused on peace.

The KAL culminates on December 21, World-Wide Knit for Peace Day. The 2018 Project Peace pattern symbolizes “seeds of peace” representing that age-old wisdom that one simple seed, one peaceful act, can nurture others, growing and cultivating the peace we all seek. Blog posts will offer simple steps readers/knitters can take to create more peace and harmony in their own life, even as simple as enjoying a 20-minute walk in the outdoors.

This year’s proceeds from the Project Peace pattern will be donated to Seeds of Peace, teaching youth from around the world to be leaders that will transform their communities and resolve conflict. The other organization that will be supported is Gardens for Health, working to end chronic malnutrition, a known predictor of violence.

Peace is a choice…. it begins with each one of us, be a seed of peace. During these times of unrest and conflict, we, as knitters can be role models for what it means to choose peace. Please join me during the month of December to focus on peace.


Project Peace 2018 is December 1 through December 21. Key dates are listed below:

  • Pattern details available on Ravelry: 11/15
  • Project Peace 2018, the knit-along: 12/1-21
  • World wide knit for peace day: 12/21

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