For The Love of Weaving

4 years ago if you had mentioned the word “weaving” to me, then there would be a ten minute diatribe on how I must have woven too much in a past life. So I sold the 20″ Flip and moved to Texas. The end.

Two years ago I got back in to weaving, by default, as I took up a post at The Loom Room. My yarn was already there. What I learned in the ten months I was there is that weaving doesn’t have to be political. I was trying to find new ways to look at my hand dyed yarn.

When we opened up Suzoo’s again, the goal was to have someone else run the weaving studio while I focused on the knit and fiber arts world. And then the weaving bug bit me. We had a guest teacher here. We had resources for our weavers, but I wanted to understand weaving from the students end. So I have compiled some rules for my new weavers:

  1. Don’t take a class from just one teacher and think that’s it. You have the choice to IMG_1005learn from all types of teachers. Download lessons or buy a good book too!
  2. Know what kind of student you are. I am hands on, kinetic. This means I need to learn the lingo as I am weaving vs. sitting still for 30 minutes learning about the loom.
  3. Don’t buy the loom unless if you have taken the class or the time to look at the looms. Ask the teacher/worker bee why they love that loom. It’s not just about it being made in America. It’s about versatility, long-term usefulness, and quality. Plus shops will have a rental fee in place for students who aren’t sure but want to finish the project.
  4. Learn at your own pace. Don’t let a teacher push you because getting gauge is the hardest thing you will do. You will need time to get your rhythm with the shuttle and hand work. Having a book with basics is always good too so that you can study the pictures as you try to hem or change colors.

Weaving should be fun. I always stand back in awe with polarity between the splatter painters like me and the by-the-book weavers. Yes, there are rules but you have to learn how to make the loom work for you.

We are hosting a Weavival in Bandera and want you to join us!