A Day at Two Farms

It’s funny. Sunday I was worn out. I mean plum tuckered wore out. We had taken a family day on Saturday to go camping. Visited an amazing river crossing. Encountered snakes. Watched what appeared to be a lunar eclipse, but was not, and then woke up early on Sunday to the howls of coyotes. It’s no wonder Sunday was a long, long day.

IMG_6274Then Monday came around. I forced my boys out of bed so we could make our way to Mr. Rivers ranch to help brush camels. When I texted Blythe, I realized I lost Bill’s card and the only clues we had were: 1283 and white horse statue. Fair enough. Easily found. While Bill made ready the day for us, we listened to the soothing groans of the camels. They were talking to each other. They weren’t fearless. Either we had a bucket of feed or we didn’t.

We spent about 3 hours combing the camels. Blythes kids took IMG_6294some great pics. Joshua thought he could be in the same pen as a bull. I was clobbered by one of the camels because she didn’t like her neck combed. We endured pounds of dirt and hot winds. It was a very “in Africa” kind of day as the dust filled air enhanced the heat of the sun. Couldn’t get enough water.

IMG_6278The boys and I parted quickly to find some gatorade. Cold gatorade. When we got home, I noticed that all my sheep but one came out to eat grass. The donkey was acting weird. Abigail had her babies. Well, I thought it would be one. Turned out it was two. A boy and girl. They were sturdy babies listening to Momma’s grunts. She was very worried about them, cleaning them while still trying to recover from her delivery.

From camel hair and desert heat, we unknowingly fell into a maternity ward. I am happy to report that both Fenn and Dodie are quite bouncy this morning. What make’s Fenn and Dodie so special is that they are a cross between a Leicester Longwool and a Dorper. It was a gamble that will leave us baffled until the babies get older. Dodie has tighter greasy curls and Fen has silky black hair. Yes, we will continue to report on the two lambs because even we aren’t sure what to expect!