The Revival

Ready for Wool Handling School?

19247705_2029370280677331_8884776717795727733_nWe are! When Vicky sent me the link my mind was reeling. We couldn’t have asked for a better time to learn with our first “Be Your Own Mini Mill” Classes kicking off in June. ” Wool Handling School will be “a two day wool education opportunity hosted by the historic Hillingdon Ranch, in conjunction with the American Sheep Industry Association and Texas Sheep & Goat Raisers.”

Bandera has a rich history with the wool industry pre-dating the Civil War and 30739059_2037479316533094_643812311522105394_nbooming post Civil War. The next boom was with Mohair in the later 1800’s in to the early 1900’s making Texas one of the largest producers of wool and mohair. While cattle played a vital role in the development of Texas too, it was the wool and mohair that sustained small town ranchers and farmers. The former co-op which was housed in the current Antique Mall was the ideal location to gather up natural fibers to be shipped out. The co-op was retired in the 70’s but with the present interest from many fiber producers in the area, we are hoping to revive the co-op with a twist.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 1.23.54 PMThe twist is that we aren’t ready to just give up! Imagine a co-op that brings the fiber producers together but also brings home amazing end products such as fibers to spin, yarns to knit or weave with and finished goods that celebrate the luxuriousness of our wool, alpaca, mohair and llama. Co-ops are hard work and require behind-the-scenes work, chatter on social media, a good marketing plan and a storefront. I am confident that we will build something that can last beyond our children’s children!

If you are a local fiber producer you can contact Jennifer. Right now we are working on the Co-Op concept and would love for you to join us in the discussion!