Co-Op Anyone???

IMG_0865So as I sit here getting caught up on my shop stuff, I felt like updating everyone on where we are headed with Suzoo’s Wool Works and what this means for you.

First of all, we have an amazing bunch of teachers, students and customers who are spurring us on to be a better experience. When you get to Suzoo’s, and we know we are little out of the way, you need to know you are walking away with something you couldn’t get anywhere else. Being a small town, we feel here at Suzoo’s that there is a small obligation to open doors and  minds to all the possibilities.

As the year progresses we will be developing out our Mini Mill classes and these are for you. Our super Mini Mills like Independence Farmstead have their hands full trying to stay on top of the mechanics of the industry as well as being innovative in creating end product that will sustain the mill for years to come. In between the main jobs are our little odd jobs. Suzoo’s wants to make the process easier.

Starting in June, you can bring your fiber to us for pre-mill processing:

• fiber sorting • picking • debris removal • washing • and more •

You can take a class in combing, carding, and spinning OR get your fiber boxed up and sent to the mill for further processing. Some mills prefer to wash the fiber and we can help you there too. We can get you sorted and clear out debris prior to shipment to the mill.

The end of the brick road is a Co-Op that brings our fiber producers together. Haven’t seen anything like this since the 70’s here and now we are reviving the fiber community in Bandera!

For questions, contact Jennifer or Vicky about classes and possibilities.