A day at the farm…

A Day at the Farm
No one ever said it be would easy, but I noticed they weren’t quittin’ either!

Being a small farm is just as much mental work as a big time rancher. We may have lessIMG_0860 fences to mend, but our concerns are the same: getting the grass to grow, having enough rain to fill up the ponds, and keeping our livestock healthy and productive. On average you can spend anywhere from 200 and beyond per month just on basic feed. Factor in the shearing, the toe nails, the teeth floating, the unexpected illness, a crazy neighbor dog or worse coyote and you get a full day of mental work. One you get past your first year of being a new mama or papa to your fiber producer of choice, you then have to think about what you want to do with your fiber. Dorpers aren’t know for their fiber but if they are going to shed the wool, I am definitely going to be picking it up and finding a way to using it.

IMG_0846Sunday we spent a few hours at Hummers Homestead with Joel and Julie to meet her alpaca kids and learn about fleece. Julie has quite the set up with a shed for sorting which makes a huge difference. Hummers alpaca is used in various products, their most popular items being their rugs. We have fallen in love with the yarn too.

So because we are nutsocuckoo about fiber here, we have added a triple picker to our line-up of odd farm utensils. Working on a hackle this week. Sorting tables at the farm cause I hate to vacuum every day here. Well, you get the picture. Heck! we have spin dog hair when asked.

We are more than just a yarn shop or hobby center. You can get your fix, share you passions, live vicariously through others or make it your passion to try something new every day!  Cheers!!