Texas Grown

IMG_0303I couldn’t be happier. As I sat with Laurie talking about what Suzoo’s stands for, she revealed to me that the cotton I was looking at was Texas raised. I knew that Bandera once had an active cotton mill and there are modern sources in the Hondo area. In fact the new boom in cotton has us all jumping for joy since cotton has it’s own versatility in the hotter and more humid climates.

We will carry the sport weight line as our Organic Baby Line at Suzoo’s!Lambs_Ear_Cardigan_crochet_pattern_by_Little_Monkey_s_Designs_small2

“Appalachian Baby gets their yarn from Texas family farms that raise cotton organically.

The essential attribute of our cotton is that it is grown organically in the U.S.  Organic cotton represents only 1% percent of global cotton production, with the balance grown under the use of pesticides, herbicides, miticides and petroleum-based fertilizers.

Under the umbrella of the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative, about forty family farms grow cotton organically in the heart of a region known as “the world’s largest cotton patch.”  The climate has winter temperatures cold enough to limit insects and sunny enough to make for quick drying soils that allow for timely mechanical weed control.  These organic cotton farms are committed to sustainable practices, despite being vulnerable to the vagaries of weather, with yield and quality dependent on rainfall amounts, which vary significantly from year to year.” (Source Appalachian Baby Site)