My Grandpa’s Wisdom

IMG_0257My grandpa walked out to the garage in the early afternoon of January 1, 2014. He was fascinated by the clumsy movement of my 5 yard skein winder. At the time, I wasn’t a weaver and the warping mill was not a thought in my mind. Long color changes and unique effects were. He watched as I set colors and got back to wind on the giant wheel. And then he said to me…”Whatever you do on the first of the year is what you will do all year.” He could have told me that at 8 am when we were eating breakfast. I was already knee deep in yarn and choosing colors by 9 am. In fact I spent a good 8 hours in the dye kitchen (aka. my Dad’s garage) until I was utterly exhausted.

Needless to say I have kept this wisdom close to my heart every year after not realizing that I was following it years prior. This year we had challenges. Temps dropped to low 20’s. The warmest day was the 30th. We rode our motorcycles then and set the intention that it would hold to the 1st. Sunday I woke up less eager to ride and more eager to create. So we cooked, dyed yarn and by 2 pm nearly froze to death. We headed to town for last minute holiday shopping then home to cook and drink.

bowlYesterday I spent 7 to nearly midnight last night knitting my bowl. I was hell bent and
determined to get this project to completing stage for Monday. As I woke up this morning utterly worn out from knitting and thinking I could stay awake all night long, I realized it was time to felt that baby!!!! It took three washings with one drying in between but the bowl is awesome. It knits up to the size of a hat in the Nature Spun Worsted, but I did do a single strand.


Today was about setting my year. So I tended to my flock, dyed two skeins of yarn that currently have icicles on them, wound down yarn, posted on social media (because the world would end if I wasn’t “present and accounted for” at all times), solved my PayPal issues with the shop site and have one more task to do.

So for those of you who made it this far and those who didn’t…May you have a blessed new year 🎉

Happy New Year!