Transitions for Clarity


Light blue loop to the right of needles is the yarn I kept out to get my blues to line up more.

The Facts: So here’s the 101 on what I am showing you. One thing I suggest if you don’t want a blunt color change is to blend your yarns before we start the lace section. If you don’t care then this post is not helpful.

I carried Color A and Color B up for about 8 rows so that I could see what’s possible. On Row 7, I intentionally pulled on Color B until I lined up the light with the light to see what happens. The end result was a subtle pooling of colors in the lighter sections and then a rock and roll burst of deep teal in the cooler blues.

NOTE: I straight knit. Once we start our pattern the rules change because we will have unexpected transitions. The goal is to have a playful, yet edgy and timeless piece. Oh, and to have fun! Fun is definitely a must. Lace will eat up more yarn and shorten the distances between the light, middle and dark tones.

Peace out!