Stacks, Pickens and Pieces

Challenge 1: How do you package wool to meet the rug hookers and quilters markets without ruining the wool? 

IMG_7675Make sacrifices. Some are better than others. For me I am caught between a quilt shop, yarn shop and hooking studio. I am enjoying every minute of my dilemna. This week it was all about wool applique, but as I was cutting my 5 inch Short Stack squares, there were leftovers. What better time to create Slim Pickens and Bits ‘n Pieces? I owe a lot of this to my Mom and my buddy Janet. I could see things from a hooker and quilter’s point-of-view quickly. Our local wool applique artist, Rose was also in my mind since she said, “she never wastes a single scrap.”

Suzoo’s is shaping up in to a proper wool works in Bandera now with the help of all my friends and family. I have been given a few personal challenges and among them is to learn how to applique with wool, weave and find my nitch in the hand dye market.

2 Comments on “Stacks, Pickens and Pieces

  1. The only way I could be more excited about your wool is if you were here! But you will be in a few months. You’re doing amazing things!

  2. I love the support. It gives me strength. I am just going to keep on doing the work. Plus you need to test applique my wooly block.

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