Hook & Wool

Just yesterday we started going through the hooked rugs my Mom has been protecting for years. She rolled up all the rugs that were on show out of frustration with animals and grandchildren. The wool was enticing and there were signs of hard use from generations no longer with us.


Hand crafted hooked rug from the Island of Martha’s Vineyard. Artist unknown.

The collection I was putting together yesterday was a mix of antique rugs from Martha’s Vineyard, rugs designed by Jane Olson and hooked by my Mother, and rugs designed by Pearl McGown and hooked by other members of ATHA in the Orange County area. Putting a price on these beauties wasn’t easy. The intrinsic value alone was priceless. The retail value was going to be offensive. So as I photographed and rolled up the current lot, I realized that I may need to become a millionaire and build a gallery for textile and fiber arts. Well, not this week.


IMG_7032The collection is part of a movement in the Hill Country to form a Guild, create spaces where we can talk about textile and fiber arts and,in the near future, open up a finishing studio that will offer up the tools one would need to get started, finished, or inspired.


Hand crafted hooked rug from the Island of Martha’s Vineyard.

Jane Olson Designs / Hooked by Susan

Pearl McGown Designs / Hook by Peg Richardson

Hooked by Jean Dudley

Hooked by Susan A.