The Importance of Wool

This is close to my heart as I get ready to start writing my first book. The character grows up in Bandera at a time when sheep ranching was essential for the survival of the family along with raising cattle and goats. Every animal served it’s purpose and still does. As I watch George interact with the sheep, I see that his job is to top off the tall grass so my sheep can graze on the low bits. Our newest addition, Maeve, who will definitely be a part of the story, has two jobs. She has to develop a working relationship with the sheep and then an relationship with each individual sheep. I have figured out that when Bruno touches noses with Maeve that they are high-fiving each other. Yes, I will try to get this in a photo!

Either way, the message here is simple. Support the fiber arts. Before you can support the fiber arts, you need to support your fiber enthusiasts: Ranchers, Hobby Farmers, Small Mills, and the shops who bring these worlds together for your enjoyment.

EVERY SHOW in Texas has relevance!


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