Don’t Mock This!

Cause I love this salad!

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Mock food.

Food is food, right? Well, sometimes it is not as it seems.

Some food is designed to pretend to be something it is not. In an article from the Chicago tribune called the Wacky World of Fake Food, this phenomenon is explored. They cite a number of reasons for the phenomenon:

  • Dieting – Many foods we love are not good for us, at least not in the quantity we wish to eat them. Diet versions of higher calorie foods or low-fat versions of their higher fat brethren try to simulate the original. A few earn quite a following in their own right (how many hard-core Diet Coke drinkers prefer the taste vs Classic Coke?).
  • Ethical – Vegetarians and vegans are very familiar with simulated meat products (tofurkey, soy cheese).
  • Religious – A number of religious restrict certain foods, but there are a number of products designed to…

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