Foster Dog: Moy

So I knew when I saw her that her name was Moy. Thought about her in January when I asked the rescue group…”do you have any cattle dogs there?” I waited. Then yesterday I just knew it was time to stop by the adoption day. There was this adorable cattle dog mix. She’s 90% herding and 10% hunting. I can’t tell by the way she uses her tail and nose. Otherwise she heels without command and checks in with one shout out of “Moy!” Oy works too but she needs to know her name.

She’s a foster dog so I will work with her until the rightful owner appears. In the meantime…

“The Castle of Moy is the ancient residence of Mackintosh, the chief of the Clan Chattan. It is situated among the mountains of Inverness-shire, not far from the military road that leads to Inverness. It stands in the hollow of a mountain, on the edge of a small gloomy lake, called Loch Moy, surrounded by a black wood of Scotch fir, which extends round the lake, and terminates in wild heaths, which are unbroken by any other object as far as the eye can reach. The tale is founded on an ancient Highland tradition, that originated in a feud between the clans of Chattan and Grant . A small rocky island in Loch Moy is still shown, where stood the dungeon in which prisoners were confined, by the former Chiefs of Moy.” Electric Scotland

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