Kids Classes and Sharing the Tables

Every other week I get an anonymous emails asking me about kids classes. I can tell you this that kids are the best. I can also tell you that we have three shops between Comfort and Bandera. If you don’t have a shop near you then look a little bit deeper because I found a yarn shop inside a quilting shop up in Stephenville. Big chains don’t usually offer classes especially to kids so the if all else fails then I suggest researching online sources. Search “teach kids to knit” and you will find a plethora of resources. I learned from a book. Then I learned the rest through other teachers and experimentation.

I am not here to compete with any other yarn shop, but to compliment. Suzoo’s has been around for 10 years and will continue to stay strong as long as we do the work. You have to do the work!

Suzoo’s will be posting kids drop in classes soon. In the meantime… September 20, outside at the Comfort Crockery, Felting Fun (An Intro to wet felting) as part of the Art Walk.


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