Olde Shoppe…New Location!

I didn’t see this one coming. Sure it is true that I am a teacher by trade, but based on the past four months I was sure I would be teaching classes at the Tinsmith’s Wife. The trouble is that being a wild horse, it’s hard to stay in one pasture when I can go teach wherever I am needed. So at this time you will catch me over at the Loom Room in the Comfort Crockery in September.

Then there is a question of the yarn. I love having a table to sit at. Miss my tables. Now the table have doubled in size and we have….windows…doors….patios…and on occasion a bar. Downstairs is the The Olde Forge restaurant. I will be one of a few vendors upstairs offering unique, local experiences.

What to expect: The Sheepwalk Hand Dyed Yarn on display, Raggi & Duo, Lamb’s Pride & Nature Spun, Mauch Chunky Fiber & Perfection along with notions, hand made shawl pins and more. I am very excited because The Olde Forge is an amazing building and the people here are outstanding! You will love the food and tea for sure!

See you soon….


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