Dyer’s Soul Food


Here’s the recipe in a nutshell.


Suatee onion sliced but not diced, garlic cloves whole, Anaheim peppers sliced, tomatoes quartered.


Smoked sausage is great. If you don’t have access to smoked sausage then make sure you start cooking sausage first before veggies.

Once my veggies started to soften from the oil then I added the sliced sausage. I kept on cooking until I started to see some browning on the pepper skins and the onions were caramelizing. Tomatoes will mush down and create a sauce that picks up the flavors of all the other ingredients. I did not add salt or pepper. I let the flavors just be natural.

Then while you wait for the food to cook, keep yourself busy with knitting, crochet, winding, packaging…whatever you need to do while the food does what it should! Cook itself!!

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