The Enchanted State Park

Fourth of July was a great day. I decided that working seven days a week is loads of fun but I could afford a day off. What better way to relax than to drive to Enchanted Rock just north of Fredericksburg then have a nice late lunch in town? I was driving through just before the parade started so traffic was easy.  I even had a little fun skirting the main streets by detouring through residential. My gps acted as my sixth sense. The world slowed down once I was on the road north. Windows were down, music on and I could care less that the people in front of me were driving really slow.

Last time I was there was with Gus. We threw up a tent in a nice spot away from the heavy foot traffic. Gus is the master of camping so I left the fun stuff to him…you know, lighting fires, checking for ghosts and accounting for all strange animal noises. Anyhoo….here’s some photos!

Eventually I can name the flowers.

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