Great Yarn Shops in the Hill Country

PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM GOING TO BE A PATRON OF THE TINSMITH’S WIFE along with many other yarn shops in Texas.

Suzoo’s Wool Works and The Sheepwalk are separate entities. But I want to share with you the amazing things you can find at the Tinsmith’s Wife.

I am really excited to share these photos because the Tinsmith’s Wife will be near where I am living. I look forward to going on a yarn safari….having time to go on a yarn safari…to Austin and San Antonio. I think Hill Country Weavers will be a great experience as well. A new layer of my journey with a big move to Bandera, Texas, a marriage and time to finally create, if not finish, my projects starts end of June.

In the meantime, here’s a snapshot view of the Tinsmith’s Wife ….

7 thoughts on “Great Yarn Shops in the Hill Country

  1. Oh my! I’m torn between being OH SO EXCITED for you and OH SO SAD for me! Seriously, Jennifer … how exciting. Hoping details will be forthcoming!

  2. OY!! Jennifer!! HOW we will miss you!!!! Will you be owner of Tinsmith’s Wife or will you just shop there? Oh, I am sad for us but OH so THRILLED for you and your next chapter!!!

  3. I am going to continue with The Sheepwalk Fiber Arts Studio, teach kids and kids at heart and design some. I am fulfilling a long time dream of having a farm where I can host travelers. As soon as we can afford the fencing we will get the first sheep. Suzoo’s will remain with me because so much has happened with Suzoo’s. Wendy and Susan are the owners of The Tinsmith’s Wife. What’s cool about their shop is that they feel the same way I do: “Treat people the way you would want to be treated.” So there is a lot of love and kindness in their place. Plus three cats! Totally awesome.

  4. Yes, I am going to post for sure what’s coming down the pipeline. I just wanted to make sure that I SPREAD MY OWN RUMORS (insert funny face and laughter here!) Moving to Texas to live out a long thought of dream. Y’all… heheheh…should come to Comfort sometime.

  5. Suzoo’s will go with me because there’s no reason to leave her behind or sell her. Just leaves more space for newcomer’s and dreamers of yarn shops. Suzoo’s and The Sheepwalk walk hand-in-hand. I will post my plan for the final 9 weeks.

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