The Perfect Drawers

Spending time with the people who have moved and changed me has become a high priority before Suzoo’s and I move to the Texas Hill Country. I find myself looking at my “stuff” a lot differently because this move is bigger than anyone on the outside looking in can possibly imagine. The move requires faith and good visionary skills. I can see that big barn filled with hand dyed yarn and a section for Raggi (’cause I can’t live without Raggi!). Then I was at my Grandpa’s house for Mother’s day and stumbled across a cool something. For Grandpa, the drawers are a place to house drill bits and old pill bottles filled with screws and other weird looking doodads. I saw a needle organizer and fiber arts doodad holder. This is now considered “vintage.” Retail vintage price is $450. I hinted to Grandpa that when he didn’t “need” the drawers anymore that I would gladly drive West to get them.


Great for Legos too!


Better for knitting needles LOL

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