Maggie Monday: Guinness and Cheese Fondue

Guinness…and cheese. Yes.

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

It is so true that great minds think alike. I made a beer-cheese fondue myself three days before I received this post from Maggie. Here’s her recipe…

I have a Southern Living Cookbook that I love- “The All-New Ultimate Southern Living Cookbook” 2006. It is massive-big and pretty. I’ve made lots of recipes from it and they are all great.  This recipe is from that book and I come back to it often-it is great pub food for football game viewing. So, when the Buckeyes are playing in a bowl game, or we have a team we like in the Super Bowl, I mix up a batch of this fondue. I actually have never served it as “fondue”, with bread, fruit and little sticks. We use it a dip for tortilla chips. The scoop kind work best as you can get a good bit of the cheese dip in there.

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