WIP LARGE – Lanarte’s “Art Nouveau” by Mucha-primrose

The colors lend to the delicacy of the pattern. Should dye a skein to match this piece!

Cross Stitch Bobobitch Mononitch



Alfonse Mucha is probably one of the most recognized Art Nouveau artists out there and has yet to be surpassed. Originally from the Czech Republic he lived from 1860-1939 and left behind a legacy of organically-styled paintings made for commercial advertising.

His neoclassical look takes on a slightly ethereal style using long-haired females with shapely figures, flowing hair, billowing fabric and sensual flowers. Mucha’s feminine elements make his work ever so softly enchanting and also seems to draw in the viewer’s eyes into a fantastical world that only appears to exist for only for the briefest moment you are looking at the picture. His work is currently showcased in Prague at the Baroque Kaunický Palace. I have not been there and since I love Mucha’s work so much I hope to visit there one day soon. Are you an art gallery type of gal or guy? How many different places…

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3 thoughts on “WIP LARGE – Lanarte’s “Art Nouveau” by Mucha-primrose

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