A Few Days Journey

Well, I made it to Texas. The road East was filled with a few challenges. My first big test was the massive dust storms in New Mexico. We were rerouted off the I-10 on to Route 80. It was confusing and odd. The motel was abanadoned. The gas station was abandoned. There wasn’t any place for us to go. We could park or drive around the storm. I circled a few times and realized, “Hey! I am traveling with two dogs, have a cup of water left and I was going to refuel at the next town.” So I drove South towards Rodeo City. Apparently Route 80, leads you to Route 9 then to Route 11 back to Deming. Of course I could have stayed the night there but for some stupid reason I felt Las Cruces was the place.

My adorable (but rather annoying) dog decided he couldn’t sleep without his blankey. He paced and flopped for five hours straight. Finally around 3 am I decided I should just drive. To tell you the truth, El Paso looks so much better at 4 am. No traffic, no stink and no odd delays. Just twenty minutes of winding through a big city. I hit Kerrville at noon that same day only to discover that pants and a sweatshirt were too much. It must have been 90 with 200% humidity. It was so muggy. But I made it!

KOA Ingram/Kerrville

Garnet / Comfort / Enchanted Rock

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