It’s not the camera…

I thought this was blog-worthy. For nearly a year I have been really angry at my camera. We bought the camera in Oberwart, Austria in 2008. Who knows how many hands finagled with the buttons. I never thought to download English instructions because the pictures were good enough. Never considered returning the camera back to its factory settings. I just took pictures. One out of ten turned out okay and the rest were messed up.

Eventually I blamed the camera. Then a Sister sent me to the used camera store. There was a man ahead of me with similar issues. The dude behind the counter told the old guy…”The camera is fine. There’s nothing wrong with it.” In the meantime, I was getting nervous because I hadn’t charged the battery. So I was doing a peepee dance to get him to pay attention to me so that he would charge the battery before he told me what I needed to here.

After a few minutes of talking, he came to his conclusion. “Yep, it’s not the camera.” I saved him the embarrassment and added, “It’s me. I get it.” So I notice something funny as I am photographing the purple palette for the hand dyed yarn this morning. Every flippin’ photo looks bad. Defeated….sad….I decide to download the dumb photos. Every photo on my screen is crisp and nearly spot on color-wise. The LCD screen on the camera sucks! My vision is near perfect, but I’m thinking my “technicolor” vision is better left in my head LOL.

NOTE: These skeins are still damp and not wound down to proper 1.5 yards. They are mottled or marbled depending on how you look at them!

Most Important: Image 1 is an interpretation of Jill’s “Tyrian” and will remain so named because I think the name fits!

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