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I think it’s good to keep both my communities connected…

The Sheepwalk™ Farm & Dye Studio

So the pattern you will see below is “Barley” by Tin Can Knits. I love this pattern because I really want to showcase the color work, but still hold my customer’s interest. I think the designer for Tin Can Knits did a great job accomplishing both tasks. Of course, I still have to finish knitting. The pattern calls for a worsted weight yarn, but I decided to use the sport weight in our Wonderwolle (100% Wool, Single Ply, smooth hand). To compensate for the gauge difference, I just chose to cast on more stitches. I think this works just fine. Take note that I also use US 6 to cast on even thought the yarn could handle a US 5 and I opted to use a US 7 for the body of the hat since my 8’s are all busy with other hat projects.

Yarn Type: Wonderwolle Lanaloft Sport

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