Off The Knitting Path

Yesterday was one of the most interesting days of our time in the Hill Country. The weather is a little poopy outside. By that I mean, mist, cool air and the feeling like I should be baking something. Around 2:30 Gus called me to talk about dinner. No problemo! We will just hop in the truck and drive to Medina…2828 to the 16. Medina is a two horse town. Felt kind of bad calling it a one horse town. BUT this town was the first to have something that I couldn’t find in other towns…duh duh duh…a garden center and some hands on fun for the kids. This time of year the hands-on part is a little hands off since apple picking season isn’t for a few more months. However, the Apple Store and the town were a lovely surprise. Still had to drive back to Bandera via 16 to get to a market for dinner food. Worth the journey.

One more note: The lovely twists and turns of the winding road from point A to point B to point C is well worth the journey. Roll down your windows and let the wind blow through your hair!




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