Days 1-3: Texas or Bust

I am sitting in an awesome, yet hip coffee house in the heart of Ingram, Texas. It’s awesome to have a cool venue like the Spirit Wind Cafe when we are surrounded by tractor supply stores. The owners are chefs who decided to take a step back in a more peaceful place where they could bring great flavors and city life ambience. I prefer this because right behind the cafe is the Guadalupe River. So after you are done sipping your tea and eating a fresh cranberry nut muffins, you can take a stroll over the water side and sit. Just sit and hear nothing but the sound of…well…the river flowing and birds chirping.


Anyhoo, I have taken Suzoo’s and The Sheepwalk on the road making Comfort my next stop. We stopped there our first day in town. Comfort is much like the coffee house. It’s eclectic, hip, fresh and old school. The old western style buildings are complimentary to the new world businesses that seem to thrive. More important, there is a YARN SHOP there. For those of you who need to see a spectacular yarn shop, stop by The Tinsmiths Wife. The owner has cleverly divided the shop up by yarn weight. Then there are large tables to sit at for knitting. If you are a cat lover, then be on the look out. There are three beautiful felines there keeping a close watch on the yarn. These are some well-behaved kitties.


Next stop after the yarn shop was Comfort Pizza Co. We had ourselves a some Comfort Cold Brew. “Dad” is responsible for this tasty coffee. Drink it with or without ice. You can tell some love went in to brewing the coffee that we drank that afternoon.


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