Follow the Sheepwalk….to Klose Knits Urbana, Illinois!

The Sheepwalk™ Farm & Dye Studio


We are honored to now be selling The Sheepwalk Hand Dyed in the Merino 600 at Klose Knits Urbana. You might say that Brigitte is one of my many German soul mates who in passing spent a little time at Suzoo’s Wool Works. She needed some fresh perspective like all of us. So I sent her home with a few patterns we love at Suzoo’s, a skein of Merino 600 and my hand knit “Iron Maiden” (Pattern by Maiden Brooklyn). I felt that there was no sense in just telling how much we like the yarn. Let the samples speak for themselves. You can see Iron Maiden and our yarn at:

Klose Knits Urbana
311 W Springfield Ave
Urbana, IL 61801



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